ERS Thermal Wafer Chucks
Our product portfolio consists of various Chuck Systems which can be integrated into Manual Probers, Semi and Fully Automated Probers. All products come in 6”, 8” or 300mm versions. The precision of ERS Chuck Systems will enable the most accurate results with Parameter Testing, FA testing, RF Testing, CV Measurements and many more applications.
ERS提供高可靠性高精度的6吋、8吋、12吋Wafer Thermal Chuchs, 可以与手动、半自动和全自动探针台集成。以满足您参数测试、FA测试、RF测试、CV测量等一系列用途。

AirCool Chuck System
AirCool utilizes pressurized air inside the chuck to cool.

  • No liquids and peltier elements
  • MTBF > 35,000 hours
  • Temperature ranges
    from -30 to +400 °C

AirCool plus Chuck System
Revolutionary system with a minimum footprint.

  • No liquids and peltier elements
  • Patented Chuck/Chiller combination
  • Temperature ranges
    from -65 to +300 °C

PowerSense Chuck System
The Answer to ever faster and smaller semiconductors.

  • Up to 5000W energy dissipation
  • Most efficient heat transfer
  • Temperature ranges
    from -55 to +200 °C

WaferTherm Chuck System
This liquid cooled system allows enormous temperature precision.

  • 0.01 °C temperature step precision
  • Liquid cooled Chuck System
  • Temperature ranges
    from -65 to +150 °C

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